Since arriving in Maine in 2007 from her native island of Notteroy, Norway, lngunn has embraced the striking beauty, uncomplicated way of life and rugged nature that defines coastal Maine. Ingunn's life framed by the natural world, stories of the lives lived before us, and the community she loves, permeates every one of her paintings and design projects.  

Ingunn's paintings, all oils, use layers and texture to convey the essence of that object, large or small. Patina, marks of character and the passage of time are all important elements of her work. 

"For as long as I can remember I have had a huge fascination with texture and aging objects, simple everyday things with stories that are equally important to me as the object itself. Standing inside a huge old barn when the sun is beaming through all the gaps fills me with great respect for those who, with such perseverance and hard work created it. These buildings are not pretentious , but honest. Beautiful monuments, built to shelter. Essential constructions,left standing for generations. Then there is that sense of mystery, the darkness and dust, silence and presence. This is what I try to achieve in my work- this sense of something timeless, grounded, peaceful, quiet, and the presence of the absent."